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The global travel section of MultiSpectra Consultants announces the following conducted tours, all of which are to take place soon. Conducted tours  are available to numerous countries around the year. E-mail to or SMS or WhatsApp to +918902494161 to get details of the tours below and also of other tours.

Fantastic Phuket | 6 Days | INR 42990

“The Land of Islands....aquatic beaches....shimmering blue water....tropical sights....surrounded by is fascinating.” That is Thailand.

Bangkok-Pattaya | 6 Days | INR 32990

“Beautiful beaches of Pattaya and fantastic Bangkok….Enjoy your holiday…You only live once!"

Iconic Turkey | 7 Days | INR 82990

Turkey is one of the more liberal of the West Asian countries. Turkey has the Black Sea to its north.

Simply Dubai | 4 Days | INR 24990

Dubai is the most important city of the United Arab Emirates and is one of the most progressive cities of West Asia.

Business Study Tour of China | 8 Days | INR 59990

Travel through the Ceramic, Bathroom, Furniture and Lighting Market Cities of China.