Summer Internships in 2020

Summer Internships

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the areas of interest to MultiSpectra Consultants?

A1. Civil Engineering including Water Engineering, Software Engineering and Business Management.

Q2. What is the duration of the Summer Internship?

A2. The entire Summer Vacation.

Q3. What is the nature of work?

A3. Research and Developemt, Preparation and Publication of Papers.

Q4. Who can apply?

A4. Students of any year.

Q5. Is knowledge of IT required of non-IT students?

A5. It is desirable but its is not essential.

Q6. Is a stipend provided?

A6. No. Students from IIT Kharagpur may apply for a grant from the Technology Foundation.

Q7. Is it possible to do a Summer Internship for a period less than the Summer Vacation?

A7. Yes.

Q8. What is the procedure of application?

A8. Students may apply by sending an e-mail to MultiSpectra Consultants at with a CV attached.

Q9. Is outdoor work involved?

A9. No. The entire work is done in the air-conditioned office of MultiSpectra Consultants which is located in a posh locality in the heart of south Kolkata.

Q10. What is the onboarding process?

A10. Applicants are immediately onboarded as Open Interns and can work remotely until they come to the office of MultiSpectra Consultants as Summer Interns.

Q11. How many seats are there for the Summer Internship?

A11. Six.

Q12. Is it possible for a student to become an Open Intern and not be a Summer Intern?

A12. Yes. There is no limit to the number of Open Interns.

Q13. How do Open Interns work?

A13. By communicating via the latest IT tools.

Q14. Which company gives the Internship certificates?

A14. MultiSpectra Global by default, but students may choose the company they want to get their certificates from.

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To learn more the Summer Internships, get in touch with MultiSpectra Consultants by sending an e-mail to or a SMS or a WhatsApp message to +918902494161.