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MultiSpectra Global Essay Competition

1707 to 1757: From the Mughal Empire to the British Empire - 50 Tumultuous years in Indian History

In order to encourage cultural and historical awareness among the youth, MultiSpectra Global announces a cultural essay contest. 

The topic of the essay is '1707 to 1757: From the Mughal Empire to the British Empire - 50 Tumultuous years in Indian History'. An Award will be given for the best essay. The author must not be more than 40 years of age and will keep the copyright and may publish the essay in any other magazine or anywhere else. The last day of receipt of the essay is 31st January, 2020. Essayists competing for the Award may email their essays to Dr. Amartya Kumar Bhattacharya at

The historical background is that the British made their first substantial inroad in India when a British doctor from Calcutta cured Mughal Emperor Jahangir to fitness and obtained a few parganas for the British as a reward. Emperor Jahangir's grandson Aurangzeb pursued a policy of religious intolerance leading to widespread revolts in which the Marathas and the Sikhs took the lead. Aurangzeb died in 1707. His successors were weak and regional chieftains such as the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Nawab of Bengal declared independence from the Mughal Empire. The British were waiting in the wings in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras and their headquarters in Calcutta was Fort William. Nawab Aliwardy Khan kept his troops in a locality of Calcutta close to Fort William to keep a watch on the British. In the name of the Nawab, the locality of Calcutta was and is still called Alipur. The Nawab had no son. His grandson - daughter's son - was defeated by Lord Clive in 1757 at the Battle of Plassey inaugurating the British Empire in India and coining a synonym for traitor in the Bangla language, Mir Zafar, after the traitor who betrayed the Nawab. Seven years later, in 1764, the British won the Battle of Buxar against the combined forces of the Mughal Emperor, the Nawab of Oudh and Mir Qasim, the then Nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Thereafter, the British juggernaut rolled on.

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