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Bhattacharya International Buddhist Foundation

Buddha Vandana

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

Chetana 'ham bhikkhave kammam vadami. Chetayitva kammam karoti kayena vachaya manasa. Lord Buddha


यह तो वाणी बुद्ध की, शुद्ध धरम की ज्योत;

अक्षर अक्षर में भरा, मङ्गल ओत परोत.

- These are the words of the Buddha, the spark of pure Dhamma;

Each syllable of them filled and permeated with happiness.

Lord Buddha's Holy Birthday Celebration in Kolkata

Quotation from Dhammapada

Quotation from Dhammapada

Sabba Danam Dhamma Danam Jinati.

Dhammapada, Verse 354.


The Maha Bodhi Society of India canonises its founder who is now Bodhisattva Anagarika Dharmapala.

How to Be a Bodhisattva

How to Be a Bodhisattva

Buddhism, in no way, restricts Bodhisattvahood to monastics ( Bhikshus, Bhikkhus - in Pali ). Bodhisattvahood is open to the laity ( Grihashthyas ) also. To be a Bodhisattva, one has to develop the aspiration ( Pranidhana ) to become a Buddha for the benefit of all sentient beings, practice Skilful Means ( Upaya-kaushalya ), understand the difference between Conventional Truth and Ultimate Truth, take the Three Refuges ( Trisharana, Tisarana - in Pali ), understand the Four Noble Truths (Chatur Aryasatya, Chattari Ariyasachchani - in Pali ), cultivate the Four Sublime Abodes ( Chatur Brahmavihara, Chattari Brahmavihara - in Pali ), obey the Five Precepts ( Pancha Shila, Pancha Sila - in Pali ), cultivate the Six Perfections ( Paramitas ), cultivate the Seven Factors contributing to Enlightenment ( Sapta Bodhyanga, Satta Bojjhanga - in Pali ), walk on the Noble Eightfold Path ( Arya Ashtanga Marga, Ariya Atthangika Magga - in Pali ) and do the Ten Good Actions ( Dasha Kushala Karma Patha ).

Quotations from Nagarjuna and Huang Po

Quotation from Nagarjuna

Atma-samyamakam chetah paranugrahakam cha yat,

maitram sa dharmah tad bijam phalsya pretya cheha cha.

Nagarjuna, Mula Madhyamaka Karika, Chapter 17 ( Karma-phala-pariksha ), Shloka 1.

Quotation from Nagarjuna

Pragyaparamitambhodher yo 'tyantam param agatah,

sa punyagunaratnadhyas tvadgunarnavaparagah.

Nagarjuna, Achintyastava, Shloka 58.

Quotation from Huang Po

When the mind... then, although it remains in Samsara, that mind is free.

Huang Po, Pai-chang Kuang-lu

Glimpses of Buddhist Law

From Mahayana Upalipariprchchha Sutra

If a Bodhisattva breaks precepts out of hatred, even just once, his offence is very serious.

From Mahayana Upalipariprchchha Sutra

If a Bodhisattva commits a Sanghabheda, he should earnestly confess his misdeed to five pure monks ( bhikshus ).

From Mahayana Saddharma Pundarika ( Lotus ) Sutra, Chapter 26

If one speaks one unkind word to a writer or a reader or a keeper of this Sutranta, that shall be considered to be a very heinous sin.

From Pure Regulations of Zen

One must not act as one pleases... One must submit to all the restrictions.

वयधम्मा सङ्खारा, अप्पमादेन सम्पादेथ IMPERMANENT ARE ALL COMPOUNDED THINGS

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