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Welcome to MultiSpectra Consultants - A Global Civil Engineering Company

MultiSpectra Consultants is a Global Civil Engineering and Software Engineering Company.

Mission of MultiSpectra Consultants

The Mission of MultiSpectra Consultants is to Make the Earth a Better Place to Live In.

Civil Engineering Software Engineering Education

About MultiSpectra Consultants


MultiSpectra Consultants is a company engaged in the business of Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Education, Real Estate, Human Resources and allied sectors. MultiSectra Consultants operates in all areas of Civil Engineering and has carved out a niche for itself in finding research-based solutions to Civil Engineering problems. Intellectual capital is given great importance by MultiSpectra

Consultants in its endeavour to develop innovative solutions. MultiSpectra Consultants is a technology-enabled Civil Engineering company that does business using modern technology and lean

management techniques to the utmost extent.

MultiSpectra Consultants operates in the following areas:

Fluid Mechanics;



Water Resources Engineering;

Wastewater Engineering;

Geotechnical Engineering;

Structural Engineering;

Environmental Engineering;

Transportation Engineering;

3rd Party Quality Control / Quality Assessment ( QC/QA );

Project Management Consultancy;

Landscape and Interior Designing;

Civil Engineering Research and Development ( R&D );

Civil Engineering Education and Training;

Software Engineering;

Software Engineering Research and Development ( R&D );

Software Engineering Education and Training;

Cloud Computing;

Business Management and Business Strategy;

Business Strategy Research and Development ( R&D );

Business Strategy Education and Training;

Other Education;

Real Estate;

Human Resources;

Allied Sectors.

Clientele served by MultiSpectra


- Civil Engineering and Construction


- Software Companies;

- Government Organisations;

- Individual Clients.

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Why choose MultiSpectra Consultants


MultiSpectra Consultants has got considerable brand equity at a global level. This has been achieved partly through content marketing and projection of expertise in the concerned field through international and national journal papers, international and national conference papers, blogging in international web platforms like LinkedIn, WordPress, Google Blogger, Medium and Weebly. MultiSpectra Consultants also engages in vigorous activity on academic networks like Academia, ResearchGate and Mendeley, as also on general networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus.

Linking experienced senior engineers, technologists and scientists with junior engineers and engineering students is an integral part of developing agile solutions where the experienced senior engineers, technologists and scientists can provide thought leadership and junior engineers and engineering students can learn from them and put in their dynamic hard work to materialise innovative engineering solutions.

One of the programmes of MultiSpectra Consultants is called MultiSpectra Spark. This programme allows senior engineers, technologists and scientists to be affiliated to MultiSpectra Consultants on a profit-sharing or commission basis, not on a salaried basis. Such senior engineers, technologists and scientists are involved in lead-generation as well as in project execution.

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MultiSpectra Consultants - A Global Company


Global standards, global best practices and the latest research at global level are adopted by MultiSpectra Consultants. An agile and scalable business model is used by MultiSpectra Consultants to cater to a global clientele. 

MultiSpectra Spark and MultiSpectra Edge have brought in several senior and junior 'affiliates' respectively. There is no limit to the number of 'affiliates’ under the MultiSpectra Spark and MultiSpectra Edge programmes. This ensures scalability. As the number of ‘affiliates’ under the MultiSpectra Spark and MultiSpectra Edge programmes have grown, the output of MultiSpectra Consultants has increased.  ‘Affiliates’ under the MultiSpectra Spark and MultiSpectra Edge programmes work in geographically separated clusters. Latest collaboration and communication methods are used by ‘affiliates’ to collaborate.

MultiSpectra Consultants blends

cutting-edge collaboration and

communication methods with Civil

Engineering practice

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Explore MultiSpectra Consultants

Verticals Served


Civil Engineering

Software Engineering

Architectural Services


Real Estate

Business Consultancy and Mentoring

Legal Services

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For Job Seekers


Job seekers may register themselves on this portal. Avail of our resume writing and LinkedIn and other social media profile optimisation services.

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Studying Abroad


Want to study abroad. Contact us for Passport, Visa and all types of application counselling. 

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Real Estate


Real Estate buyers and sellers may register themselves on this portal. Potential buyers should clearly indicate their requirements. Potential sellers should preferably furnish photographs and/or videos of their property. 

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Vacancies Available and Disrtibutors Wanted


Interns are wanted urgently in the areas of Civil Engineering, Water Engineering and Management, Software Engineering and Business Management. Also, applications for Winter Internships in 2018 and Summer Internships in 2019 are currently being received. Further, vacancy exists for the post of personal secretary to the Chairman and Managing Director. Applications should be emailed to the Chairman and Managing Director at with a CV attached.

Distributors are required to distribute software and specialised construction materials globally. Expressions of interest should be emailed to the Chairman and Managing Director at

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Here are some relevant materials for downloading. To download some more published papers, head on to the website given below:

MultiSpectra Consultants Notification dated 30-05-2018Download
Certificate from IIM Calcutta Innovation ParkDownload
Published Paper_AKB_JAH_Vol XXIX No 1-4_January-December_2016Download
Published Paper_AKB_JIPHE_Vol_2017-2018_No_2_July_2017Download
Published Paper_AKB_IGS_NEWS_Vol_49_No_03_July-September_2017Download
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Published Paper_AKB_ACCE(I)_Bulletin_January-March_2018Download
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Published Article_AKB_The Vedanta Kesari_May_2018Download
Published Paper_AKBSKVKKDPKA_EJGE_Ppr2018.0072maDownload
Presentation of MultiSpectra Consultants_2017Download
Published Message_AKB_to INFRA CE-2018_Photograph of Hard CopyDownload
MultiSpectra Consultants Notification dated 24-8-2018Download
Buddhist Flag with DharmachakraDownload
Kolkata Declaration, August, 2018Download
Bhattacharya International Buddhist FoundationDownload
Kolkata Declaration, September, 2018Download
MultiSpectra AquaDownload
MultiSpectra Consultants AsiaDownload
MultiSpectra TechnologiesDownload
MultiSpectra ICreate CentreDownload
MultiSpectra EdgeDownload
MultiSpectra SparkDownload
International Internship Programme of MultiSpectra GlobalDownload
International Open Internship Programme of MultiSpectra GlobalDownload


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